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I have extensive experience having worked with dogs for 43 years. The methods I use have been honed by dealing with many breeds and dispositions. My training academy has worked with private individuals, large groups and conducted seminars and workshops throughout the east coast. I believe in a three level approach and in terms of method, doing what is necessary for the dog to understand the concept. This is very important. The three-step program is The Learning, The Correction and The Proofing phase. These steps are the core of my training philosophy.

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Hello Dog Folks,
I have known Tyril for almost 20 years. He helped turn my first rescued Samoyed Elsa into an off leash dog who could go anywhere. With just a little tuneup, Tyril helped Little Bear become a dog who does nothing wrong! It is a real blessing to have Tyril working with the dogs of Prospect Park. He has trained too many dogs, and owners, to count. Tyril will make your dog a citizen to be proud of!
—Thomas Murphy, Cobble Hill, NY

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